With Sarah Pailthorpe & Tom Cowan

Hailing from Brighton’s original and authentic yoga community, Vajrasati, Sarah and Tom bring yoga enthusiasts together with their regular workshops of modern postural yoga.

Each workshop is themed from the aliveness in their personal practices.  There is a mixture of movement, breath awareness, mantra, Nidra, meditation and more as they weave together a series of practices to take you into deeper contact with your body and awareness, moment to moment.

If you find these questions below stir something inside of you, perhaps this safe, grounded & playful space is for you.

How can the practice of yoga/integration support me in the modern world?

What is the quality of attention cultivated through explorations and direct experience of the breath, movement, alignment, sound and my inner worlds?

What can I learn from the philosophy and practices of Yoga, Tantra, Non-Duality and Modern Post-Lineage traditions that will support me, providing rest & resilience?

We invite you to come and explore these questions and more with an open heart, a willingness to take a deep dive, offering those parts that might hold unconscious resistance so that they can be bathed within the bright light of awareness (tejas) that illuminates the peaceful nature of all things.


Sarah and Tom care about making their events affordable and offer this workshop for:

£23 Earlybird booked up to two weeks before / Karma Card

£28 Regular Price



restorative yoga


Radical Rest & Deep Relaxation

with  Vajrasati Yoga teacher Tom Cowan

2 hours of nourishing yogic practice. 


Nidra is a meditation on falling asleep. Moving through layers of the subconscious mind we actually awaken to our true nature.

Restorative Asana invites our nervous system into a calm, spacious and healing state.

This is what self care looks like :)

Sat 6th June 2020

Sat 4th July 2020


3-5 pm

£15 Regular Price

£10 Karma Card

About Balance, 20-22 Gloucester Place, Brighton

Booking essential. Places limited.